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Turn the car you have into the car you've always wanted with our range of Mazda roof racks. Designed to improve the storage of your vehicle and ease of transportation, roof racks are the perfect way to enhance the functionality of your car.

Roof racks provide the solution to everyday problems you face with your car and save you from needing to upgrade your vehicle entirely. Installing roof racks means you can improve your car storage with things like roof boxes and bike racks. Instead of cramming your boot and backseat full of items, you can now place the excess into a roof box and enjoy having legroom in the backseat again. Alternatively, camping gear like tents become easier to attach to the roof, as can bikes, kayaks and endless other items.

Of course, the type of vehicle you have and the reason you want to install a roof rack all come into play when you are choosing your product. For example, the roof type of your vehicle will affect what rack styles you can install. In our Mazda roof racks range we have three different types of roof racks - flush bars, platforms/trays and thru bars. The type of rack you choose can also influence load capacity. Our Mazda roof rack range has load ratings from 25kg all the way up to 100kg.

Our range of Mazda roof racks has styles to accommodate any model, from cx5 roof racks to Mazda 3 roof racks. With high quality brands like Yakima, Thule, Cruz and more to choose from, finding the right Mazda roof rack has never been easier. If you're not sure about what type would be best for your car and needs, feel free to contact us to get some expert advice. Alternatively, if you have your racks selected but aren't sure how to install them, you can read more about our installation services here.
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