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BMWs have long been hailed for their versatility and practicality, and a way to increase this again is by installing roof racks. Perfect for making transporting bulky equipment easier or increasing your storage availability without needing to upgrade your car, the problems roof racks can solve are extensive. If you're moving house some extra car storage never goes amiss. Alternatively, transporting tents and camping gear becomes easier, as does moving equipment like your family's bikes.

When choosing which BMW roof racks you want for your vehicle, it is important you take into account your car model. Although roof racks will generally be universal, the base support systems required to attach them changes depending on your car's roof type. Between models of cars the general roof dimensions will change, as will the best mounting points for the racks.

At Roof Racks Galore our team of experts can help guide you through choosing the best roof racks for your vehicle. Or if you're shopping online you can filter by your car model to be sure the products you are viewing are suitable for your car.

We offer three types of BMW roof racks including flush bars, thru bars and platforms/trays. Each style has its own associated benefits, for example thru bars give you the opportunity to install bike racks and tie down other equipment, whereas trays generally have higher load capacities and are good for transporting luggage or large cargo.

Our range of BMW roof racks has options for any model and features high quality brands like Prorack, Thule, Yakima and more. If you're not sure about what type would be best for your purpose or vehicle, feel free to contact us to get some expert advice. Alternatively, if you have your racks selected but aren't sure how to install them, you can read more about our installation services here.
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